Threat Detection and Triage

We correctly identify threats and vulnerabilities in real time through our threat hunting processes that helps in threat control and prevention.

Log Management and Monitoring

Log management helps in conducting forensics after a security incident has occurred. The logs are normalised and used for network baselining which helps in monitoring for any anomalies.

Incident Response Services

We provide processes and procedures that direct the escalation and reaction towards a reported security incident. Our goal is to ensure that business downtime is minimised.

Malware Analysis and Forensics

In case of a targeted malware attack or a ransomware infection, we provide detailed, reproducible forensic analysis and ensure absolute data integrity.

Actionable Threat Intelligence

TAI SOC aggregates and correlates thousands of security events from different industries and external threat feeds. We provide threat advisory reports to our clients regarding critical vulnerabilities and recent malware attacks.

Comprehensive Cybersecurity Audits

Our team of experts provide comprehensive review and analysis of your business’s IT infrastructure. Through vulnerability assessment and penetration testing, we expose weaknesses and high-risk practices in your organisation.

Regulatory Compliance

Several cybersecurity related regulatory standards have emerged such as the PCI DSS, the EU GDPR and the Kenya Data Protection Act. TAI SOC will help you comply with these regulatory standards in a detailed and systemic way.

Contextual Awareness

We deliver contextual awareness through the aggregation, association, and contextualisation of all the data streams that multiple devices produce. This results in a holistic view of the security posture of your organisation.