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TAI SOC is a Security Operations Centre as a Service (SOCaaS) provider that aims to address cybersecurity issues facing businesses in Fintech, Insurance, Government, Health and other institutions that rely on Information Technology to power their operations.

TAI—a Swahili word for Eagle—symbolises the team in the Security Operations Centre which is fearless in the face of adversity, conquerors with a powerful ability to monitor, detect and respond to cyber threats against its clients in real-time.

The SOC’s ultimate goal is to establish a more proactive attitude towards security issues, while locating and responding to cyber threats to an organisation.

TAI SOC is a collaboration project between three institutions: ACPM IT Consulting Ltd. (ACPM) based in Hungary, BCK Kenya Limited and @iLabAfrica-Strathmore University.


For most organisations, establishing and operating an in-house Security Operations takes up a lot of time and effort to establish the infrastructure they need. A complete SOC requires: expert staff, carefully selected hardware and software, recurring trainings, international compliance and a 24/7 operation. This set up proves to be time consuming, expensive and requires significant effort, with little or no pay–off in the long term.

We at TAI SOC understand the challenge of hiring the best cybersecurity talent in the industry and the costs of setting up an in-house SOC. For this reason, we offer our SOC as a Service (SOCaaS) which provide:

  1. Network Visibility:
    We present the information obtained through log analysis to our security analysts in a comprehensible manner. This enables the security analysts to determine the current security posture of the organisation.
  2. Fast Detection and Response:
    Achieving an entirely secure system is not feasible. When a threat penetrates a network’s defences, our strategy is to identify and isolate it early in the “kill-chain” in order to minimise its impact.
  3. Contextual Awareness:
    We deliver contextual awareness through the aggregation, association, and contextualisation of all the data streams that multiple devices produce. This results in a holistic view of the security posture of your organisation.
  4. Regulatory Compliance:
    Several cybersecurity related regulatory standards have emerged such as the PCI DSS, the EU GDPR and the Kenya Data Protection Act. TAI SOC will help you comply with these regulatory standards in a detailed and systemic way.

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